Concertgebouw Prijs 2017 for RFO and Groot Omroepkoor

The Radio Filharmonisch Orkest (Chief Conductor: Markus Stenz) and the Groot Omroepkoor have been awarded with the Concertgebouw Prijs 2017. They got the award because they have made an important contribution to sharpen the Concertgebouw's musical profile for many years. Both ensembles - though based in Utrecht - perform at the Concertgebouw on a regular basis.

"The Radio Filharmonisch Orkest and the Groot Omroepkoor are invaluable for the musical life in the Netherlands and thus for the Concertgebouw. It is a great honour that we can present this fantastic orchestra and this fabulous choir here in the Concertgebouw. The concerts are always on a very high level", says Simon Rinink, director of the Concertgebouw.

The Concertgebouw Prijs has been awarded since 2004, among the winners are Cecilia Bartoli (2004), the Beaux Arts Trio (2006) and Sir Eliot Gardiner (2015).

The award ceremony took place at the Concertgebouw on 19 September 2017. Markus Stenz conducted the RFO and the Groot Omroepkoor. Bernard Haitink handed out the award.


Sabine Knodt